27 October, 2018


Attempting to revitalize this pathetic attempt at a blog.

About 17 years ago this cat adopted us, named “Bart” by my kids that was quickly amended to “Psycho Bart” after a few sideways spazes across the lawn and up the oak, as he came into his prime he became the vermin hunter of the yards, then birds – including the turkeys, I’ve even seem him stalking deer!

Always an outdoor cat he contended with the local wildlife (Sanatorium Sanctum has paved road in front and over 20 miles of wilderness out back, so he contended with everything out there). One time two neighborhood kids rushed up to tell me that there was a racoon on the porch, no, just Bart, another time two larger dogs chased him up on the porch, there was a commotion and a bunch of Yipe! Yipe! and growls and the two dogs went running!

At times a real PITA as he would “help” when working outside and one of those old souls who remembered when cats were worshiped and would express his displeasure if not worshiped to his satisfaction (cat scratch fever is real) but he would sit on my lap and purr when reading the Sunday paper on the porch or tending to the BBQ.or working in the garage. He has pierced that vale from which no one returns almost two years to the day my wife made the same journey.

Rest little tiger, hope you catch that red dot!

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