22 June, 2020

Father's Day - not sure what it means to you - for me there are two different reactions - my father or me as a father?

(File this under fit of self-indulgence)

Father’s Day

My Father gave me a name and an almost genetic predisposition to fast and loud things, I am sure some $500.00/hr. shrink would have a field day!

Thankfully there were other males that helped or I would not be here today!

When my parents split we were living in a Frank Lloyd Wright student designed home on Racquet Club Drive – complete with a spiral staircase from the garage level to the kitchen that was featured in the Chronical and other Bay Area publications at the time.

We had a new top end Country Squire station wagon with all the options, a 14’ Pelican sail boat (that I managed to take a few times without getting caught until I misjudged the tide and ended up going backwards until rescued) 

On top of that my father had one of the first Mustangs in the bay area – and not just any – had a 4speed Hurst shifter/transmission and some hot v8 non-stock engine, black with a white convertible top.

Not sure what caused my Mother to call it quits but do admire her departure!
One morning bright and early she gathered us up together and drove us in the Mustang, top down, no seatbelts (I seem to recall  the driver's seat had a racing harness)  to her folk’s home – it was several days before dad showed up with the station wagon…    

The fun shrink aspect? My younger brother owns a 1993 and I drive a 2012 Shelby – convertibles! 

Life - beats the alternative!