10 May, 2007

On posting

I know, I know long time between posts – since Feb I’ve been “on the road” and the list start to sound like that Johnny Cash song
Southwick MA
Tucson AZ
Nevada City CA
Southwick MA
Nevada City CA
Southwick MA
Sterling VA
Phoenix AZ
Las Vegas NV
New Effington SD (more about that place in a later post)
Indianapolis IN (current location)
Next week – Fargo ND and another visit to New Effington
Week after - Norfolk & Sterling VA then Rennes France – with a day back in NorCal for son’s gig – and that just takes me to the end of this month!

Add to the mix, moving to a new laptop and getting it in to usable state after the IT boys cripple it, my use of a primary laptop is a bit beyond the typical M$Orfice suite, a typical day it will be a moving map GPS, wireless survey (802.11a/b/g/n) tool or I might have to calculate look angles and Eirp, or I’ve got it setup as a web/NTP/ftp server or capturing and analyzing MPEG streams, at times its an AutoCAD/VidCAD/3DS workstation, audio & video editing / DVD authoring station, photoshop and web page authoring, on the rare occasion I’m home it might point the telescope and capture images or when I swap hard drives it’s a Linux box – haven’t gotten to the last two bits on the new PC – the interesting bit is – the software cost is almost 10 times the PC and all the accessories…

But now that things are settling in to place I will be back to posting at least a weekly basis and more often when life and the muse allow