04 July, 2011

Thoughts on the Cloud

I hope you are all enjoying the celebrations of our nation's founding!

(jet laggin my way back to home time zone)

The buzz for a year or more now is "keep it in the cloud"

There is some rational for this although I'll confess having lived through the old mainframe with terminals through having it all on your desktop PC and now (almost) full circle back.

There are a few differences though - back in the old mainframe days there was a room where all of it was kept (hopefully secure) but it was within the main office with the usual level of corporate security and limited outside access ("on-line")

These days, the cloud is likely a server in a wire cage in a nondescript highrise in a business district with often the only physical security a card reader for the front door and the key to the cage (and the cages are not secure over the top of the wire) so physical security is - shall we say - minimal? and with the daily announcements of on-line security breaches...

And on a purely personal note, I find my discretionary "TV" viewing time limited, had a window before my last trip (late at night) went to log into netflix, only the PS3 needed an update - that took 45min - then Netflix needed to update, that took another 40min and by then it was well past midnight - so much for "on demand"