05 February, 2020

Funny thing life,

Still recovering from one of those “It's just what I need...”

Late December 2018 I was offered (What I considered) a plum position as “Customer Service Manager” for a small video “Widget” company with no direct reports, 5 year hardware, lifetime software and a loyal customer base.

It was “Up in the mountains” at half my “Sillydotcom valley” rate and a desired life page turn – Living in a place you shared (for 35 years) with a deceased loved one is “difficult” as there are ghosts everywhere you turn. I was considering it a path to the next chapter in life.

It was one of those “its just what I need” at a time when it was just that and to my fault I did not do the due diligence I should have. I should have taken notice the first time payroll was a day late (Small company, it happens) the 2nd time was cause for concern and started to look about then two days after my daughter's wedding they didn't make payroll (and still haven't) a few months later went to roll over my paltry IRA only to discover that even though the $'s were deducted from pay they didn't make it into IRA account, and “Oh, by the way there is a $75 service fee...” now, no W2 and I'm wondering if any withholding's actually were paid! 

My bad for not doing for myself what I would do for any business deal - still have time to learn!