03 January, 2011


way back when we were all warned about the dangers of flashbacks

Jerry Brown was just sworn in as gov of CA - again

who knew the flashbacks would take so long

the 100watt incandescent light bulb is now verboten in CA but somehow we're going to plug in a fleet of electric cars? how many more avian Cuisinart forests will we need?

ban Mercury in thermometers but mandate Mercury in light bulbs? - oh, and now that the incandescent bulbs are no longer available the subsidies for the Mercury Bulbs will be ending soon - and all of them are made in China

somehow this feeble excuse for a blog has managed to exist for 5 years now

the FCC decides that it has the power to regulate the internet after both Congress and SCOTUS said no? shades of Eric Blair its under the guise of "Net Neutrality"

Al Gore admits Ethanol subsidies were just for votes yet EPA is allowing more to be blended with gas - ADM is still smiling

speaking of go juice for the auto, last time gas was $3+ a gallon it was time to "release the reserves" two years later we're being told to expect $5/gal "soon"

Global warming - we were told that snow in winter would be a rare event and that the oceans would die, our current science adviser's mentor predicted massive starvation and collapse - years ago? remember the ozone hole? (better named "...our patent is running out on Freon...") Alar? Acid Rain? the Great Lakes dieing? Counsel of Rome?