01 February, 2007

Skpetics Circle redux

Late update: Sandy over at Junkfood Science got lost in the missing bits when word poofed last night – please check out
on Hidden fats and cautionary tale of poor science, politics and money gone astray

Sorry Sandy

Skeptics Circle #53

Welcome to my obscure corner of the internet, glad you found your way here, please pardon the clutter and allow me to clear some chairs and stools we’re not accustomed to too many visitors these days.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth (don’t I wish) and taste (urm, does Monty Python count as a + or -?)

Whoops, wrong tape

Blogging under the non de plume of Occam’s Edge, I’m your humble host for this, the 53rd edition of the Skeptics Circle. Grab a chair, pour yourself a tall one (remember to swallow before you click on a link, I take no responsibility for monitors or keyboards!) and marvel in the, um well, perhaps marvel is not the best word – incredulity?

Tomorrow is Groundhog day, a collective day of weather related woo (and in homage to the Bill Murry movie of the same name where the same day keeps repeating over and over again) it’s once again time to place the major purveyors of bovine excrement (who have locked in to some alternate loop that only concedes with the collective delusion the rest of us describe as reality during various television ‘chat shows’ where they provide minor variations on the same theme) upon the autopsy table and see what presents.

Up first is a convicted felon – leading the links, Robert Lancaster has the definitive site
for this (rhymes with “witch”) next up, El Hombre, the most amazing, who has revised his
and is now on the offensive - such a prime target has many archers skeptico expands upon the theme and Lambic names some other prime targets, Mike adds his commentary while Thursday over at Polite Company offers another perspective



M$word just lost everything! All my pithy comments, hours of work


And I’ve got autosave, everything - and, I’m supposed to know what I’m doing...

Pie assassins are far to kind!

Attempting to reconstruct and running out of time, fortunately I have the links - I will clean this up as my schedule allows.

Moving on from the temptation turn this in to a full on Brownie roast here are some critical looks at Sky Pilots and proponents of ID (due to lack of sleep and real world pressures, its just going to be the links) Shalini is first up with a look at
Francis Collins
Clarke brings us The Way of the Master in Atheists Nightmare
One of the better names out there Hells Handmaiden
Zeno takes a look at who's still left behind
Over in Kansas, Joshua takes apartAndrew Coulson’s argument
Lord Runolfr Orthlokarr Ulfsson lets us know that the anti vaccination woo is spreading
Infophilia offers an interesting argument, is betelgeuse, evidence for god?
Matt, the master slinger takes a shot, He also has the definitive Hovind File
Coffee house Poetry takes apart The “Good Reporters” and their little Evolution Isn’t Even Logical

and other offerings to consider
From the mighty Orac
Loch Ness and other mysteries
sigh, I am cursed with the knack
math abuse
Equine excrement

true to groundhog day some climate woo (can't say I agree, but she is young - there is hope)

Cathy Checks in with two posts on "enhanced" Dihydrogren Monoxide
Dihydrogren Monoxide 1
Dihydrogren Monoxide 2

and The Next Skeptics Circle Hoasts!