19 April, 2007

(sort of) Bloging from NAB 2007

(I’ve been here since mid last week and leaving in a few hours so, like I said, sort of…)


I know,

No posts in over two months in cyber time and I’m not even a footnote in the blog-o-sphere, shame on me

In my defense I would like to submit the following excuses;

1. the muse has not been upon my shoulder when I have the luxury of time to capture, let alone express such

2. reel and real life have been enormous time sucks of late

and of course, springtime in a new year and that most eventful of times – for some, the few (100,000 + attendees), its called


stands for - National Association of Broadcasters, very much a misnomer these days but no one has come up with a better name, there was a point in time about 10~12 years ago when I realized that I had more computer screens in my booth (‘stand’ to my Euro readers) than television screens, its now gotten to the point where almost half of the exhibitors are not directly involved in the actual process of producing broadcast radio or television.

It is however, THE convention where (almost) everything you see and hear “broadcast” (radio or television or cable or Direct to Home or the few who have some sort of IPTV) almost anywhere on this 3rd rock from sol – and the tools to produce and provide them are hawked, the rules and regulations are discussed and major deals are made,initiated or conceived that can make or break a company.

This has been one of the cyclic markers as my time arrow continues to go ‘that way’ for the last 35 solar orbital cycles – I’ve been attempting to ascertain exactly how many I’ve participated in and my current best estimate is ‘approximately 30’ - with a high of 32 and low value of 29, I’ve lost a few neurons over the years – I know my first was in ’72 (one of the youngest ones there) I missed ‘73-‘75 (my birthday was the one of the first ten out of the draft lottery – I joined the Navy - received my draft notice in boot camp…) and a scattered few since, the balance between ’exhibitor’ and 'exposition' badges is tipping to the exhibitor side once again.

This year I’ve spent 10 days at one of the fancier accommodations on the strip, while convenient and plush with lots of restaurants, its not my first choice

- as its $20 to get a pot of coffee in your room
(NAB means I’m sleep deprived, every body part aches, it’s a race to see which one gives up first – feet, legs, knees, lower back, voice or tolerance of fools - being between me and my first cup of coffee is a dangerous and ugly place to be)

- its 9.98 a day for a wired internet connection that is not very fast

- why do they charge more than 6 pack prices for a single beer?

- why can’t I get a semi decent meal for less than a c-note a plate?

- Why is every show (not that I’ve had the time or opportunity to see one – heck I’ve still not been to the geek haven of Quark’s bar at the Hilton after all these years) a 100 bucks plus a pop?

I know, whine whine but for the last 9 daze my workday has started in the pre dawn and ended past midnight - yes, there were a few at fancy restaurants and the occasional liberal consumption of adult beverages was involved but mostly it is a grind of lines (cues) for a cup of coffee, for a bus, monorail or taxi cab or restaurants seat, endless questions and meetings.

However one of the compelling reasons I return every year – friends!