18 June, 2018

My COBRA story

IF you are ever offered COBRA and you have any reasonable alternative – take it!

In 2016 “H” purchased “T” and 6 months later i was informed that my services were no longer required (full disclosure back story; back in 2000 “H” purchased “D” and 6 months later laid me off only to keep me around for another 8 months to finish building projects)
Fast forward 16 years
A few months after the lay off my wife of 35 years passed away, needless to say the next few months are a bit hazy – however when I informed COBRA about the change they sent the updated payment coupons to  “Mrs. Edge’


Straightened that glitch out and for a few months things processed as normal, in Oct 2017 my son turned 26 and I called to get the new premium amount and continued to make payments.
March of 2018 I went for some minor dental work and was informed that I wasn’t covered, after several calls to ADP was told that it as just a glitch and that I was covered.

Late April I received one of my checks back informing me that I was not paying the full amount!


After several calls over 4 weeks finally determined that the change of son’s statue was not properly processed – didn’t I get any paperwork? (NO!)  and that notices were sent (none received)


Finally got that straightened out and resent payments – but my June check wasn’t processed,- recent inquiry reviles that there was a $62 increase – notice? 



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