14 January, 2006

Truth and lie

The real world is an infinite number of shades of gray. Social interactions and politeness often require us to shade our response (lest you end up a social pariah like this observer). Such is the social lubricant that allows most of us to slide though day to day life with our casual interactions.

But, there are instances of definite white and absolute black.

Since the turn of the century there have been a number of frauds perpetrated on the public and the reaction by the 'mainstream' media has been duplicitous at best.

The recent exposé by The Smoking Gun on James Frey’s outrageous 'Million Little Pieces' and the subsequent reactions of the 'richest woman in TV' who’s placing his book on her must read list boosted this piece of fiction that was rejected by every publisher it was presented to as fiction - has now become a 'autobiographical' best seller and a extremely dangerous obstacle to anyone attempting recovery from substance abuse.

The 'richest woman in TV' and Lawrence Harvey Zieger (known now as the great unthawed, LKL) instead of confronting this fraud and eviscerating him on live television have shown their true colours and allowed Mr. Frey a pass. While I can not account for their actions, my supposition is that in 'richest woman in TV' case, she can not face the truth that she was scammed big time and in effort to save face has chosen to state that the Smoking Gun and other critics are "much ado about nothing" and urging viewers and readers who have been inspired by the book to "Keep holding on." In Lawrence Ziegler’s case my observation is he has not confronted anyone in any serious manor for the past decade at least - if ever.

The dangers of allowing such nonsense to pass unchallenged are as serious as death. In the case at hand we have a account of recovery that flies squarely in the face of any acknowledged recovery programme and a sure recipe for failure for anyone who has come to the point in their life’s path that they have faced the bald truth that they were unable to control their addiction. While I can only relate 2nd hand (I guess that means I’ve deluded myself that I still have some control) as to the efficiency of the various programmes (12 step and others) there are some basic obvious truths when it comes to recovery from substance addiction and the examples shown in Mr. Frye’s fictional account are false on their face.

To paraphrase (forget who exactly) "there comes a time when it is necessary for honorable men (and honorable women) to stand and declare what is right"

This for me, is one of those times

If you want to waste your time and money for a poorly written piece of fiction, by all means, enjoy – do not expect me to ‘socially lubricate’ your idiocy.


  1. Wow, Vid, tell us how you really feel!

    I agree 100%. If somebody dies by following this guy's fake "programme," the richest woman in America will be singing a different tune! I have never had any hopes for Unthawed.

  2. Pick a page, any page. It's a random pile of crap.

    I have first-hand knowledge and can tell you that 90% of the book is bunk.

    - Loretta