30 January, 2006

Old News

A long time friend of mine who defines Marin New Age recently sent me the following
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  • as if it were recent revelation

    Googling some of the relevant names reviles a history of fantastic promises the never seem to be delivered.

    The interesting part is that there is a real ‘Zero Point Energy’ – google ‘Casimir effect’

    anyway, my reply;

    um, hate to be the one to point out that's talking about four years ago and he's still not produced a working model - I agree it would be a really great thing but he's got to prove it and so far he's yet to produce one.

    Just because he managed to secure a patent does not mean it works.

    The Casimir effect is real (Zero point) but does not seem to have any relation to Bearden et al and at any distances we've been able to achieve the effect is barley detectable and measurements are only within 15% to 25% of the calculated value but it is an effect taken into account on the nano scale world of microelectromechanical systems

    "For two perfect, plane, parallel mirrors in a vacuum the Casimir force is therefore attractive and the mirrors are pulled together. The force, F, is proportional to the cross-sectional area, A, of the mirrors and increases 16-fold every time the distance, d, between the mirrors is halved: F ~ A/d4. Apart from these geometrical quantities the force depends only on fundamental values - Planck's constant and the speed of light."

    the 16x increase in force for every halving of distance is interesting -

    now, if/when someone comes up with a method of achieving proximity on the order of 10nm then the force is equivalent of one atmosphere (1.033kgf/cm2) and you can start to do some interesting things but that's on the order of 100 times the diameter of an atom - tricky...

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    1. Ock, you should do as Robert Heinlein does, right before he embarks on a mathematical explanation of something or other: Say something like, "Those of you whose eyes glaze over at explanations of internal combustion engines might want to skip the next few paragraphs."

      I thought I understood the universe once, for about 2 seconds, after reading a book by Carl Sagan. Then it went away.