31 December, 2005

Adventures in ‘reel life’

Living in rural NorCal has its own set of unique demands often over looked by prospective residents and real estate folks.

Rule number one. Do not live in the 100 year flood zone, especially if you are near a seasonal stream. NorCal manages to exceed the 100 year flood level somewhere every 7 years or so - often by significant levels, unless you have breakaway walls and keep every thing above flood stage don’t expect my sympathy if you get a bit wet – problem is, there are a significant number of homes who meet this criteria and even more who are often well within the true 100 year flood level but are misreported

Rule number two. You live on or near a known or suspected earthquake fault, deal with it!

If your hot water heater is not secured by at least two straps you are a fool.

if you do not have a quick way of shutting off your gas you are stupid.

if you don’t have enough food, fuel and water to survive outside your dwelling for at least 72 hours (in any weather) you stand a significant chance of becoming a statistic.

Welcome to the new year!

As I write this I have several PC’s from two local radio stations undergoing “dry out” after being under water and mud for at least 12 hours.

While I might be annoying, Mother Nature does not have favorites.

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  1. Happy New Year, Vid. Hope the computers dry out successfully! Hey! If that works, I've got a really messed-up tower that I need to retrieve about a thousand photos from (dotz)!


    All the best, and I still must get one of your wife's purses!