20 December, 2005

3rd post

the result of over 20 years experience (what can I say, I'm a slow learner...).

In a given installation there are never enough router x-points, patch bay, or DA's.

In a given computer there is never enough memory (both RAM and Disk), nor is the processor fast enough.

Although I'm told otherwise, I have yet to encounter a technical problem that the application of sufficient amounts of cash won't solve.

In any construction project, there are always delays.

Meet with the project manager, but base your decisions upon talking (listening) to the on the job foremen.

Show slack time on the Gantt chart, but hide two to three times as much (but don't tell anyone!).
You can always shorten a cable, but stretching them is a lot harder.

No matter how well you plan, there is always a last minute "crunch" - the trick is, to expect it.

No matter how many outlets (AC) you have, you will always need to plug in "Just one more thing".

Aside from operator error, the most critical thing (box, process,) will fail at the worst time ("On Air").

Seldom is it the same "show" it is almost always something new.

Live television is unlike any thing else, except for perhaps live theater, for the behind the camera operators as well as the on camera talent, you do it when you are supposed to or you don't.

Television is great for the engineers, they deal with signal levels from picowatts to megawatts, frequency range of DC to daylight, computers and software that run the gamut of "mostly harmless" to downright user hostile.

Speaker support at conferences should be invisible.

Always remember, History is written by the winners to justify their victory.

When you have to eat crow, the fresher the better, and start with head first, that way the feathers won't get stuck on the way down.

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