27 March, 2006

Rabbit holes

JFK, The Gemstone File, KAL 007, TWA 800, 9/11

These events have had path altering effects on my life from the obvious travel related concerns to a three year hiatus in international work of any sort.

As I sit here on the eve on yet another solar orbital anniversary (never mind which save to say if I was sipping Arminac of the same vintage it would cost me deep in the purse) the following comes to mind - To paraphrase (out of context) William Gibson

Politics, acting with the death penalty

(side note, his original title was “Singapore; Disneyland with the death penalty” – and it is)

For me, my first journey down the rabbit hole was something called the gemstone file over 30 years ago (interesting document, some of it is/was actually verifiable) and over a decade of obsessing over the JFK assassination up to the point of lugging all the volumes of the Warren Commission and almost every other book written on the subject around for more than 20 years

In the end the only conclusion I could come to was there was a conspiracy – and that was about it.

for every election cycle I was cognizant of (and despite rumors to the contrary I was not quite old enough to vote for Estes Kefauver) and an intense 12 weeks following candidate Carter around for the peacock network it has occurred to me that for most races it is a matter of surface cosmetics between the candidates – little to no structural differences, when both go to the same BoHo Grove rituals and burn effigies and dance nekid in the woods, attend the same Bilberger group conferences, subscribe to the “the new world order” I came to the conclusion that its all show, modern day circus maximus to keep the great unwashed from asking important questions, to divert attention from the hidden agenda – the only problem I have is

who’s agenda?

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