04 March, 2006

O.K, so I've been busy

Ack, its been almost a month - somehow I find myself once again in 'max' mode, the esoteric techo world I inhabit has gone hot once again and doing my best to avoid a “dooce moment”, names have been redacted so the last week went something like this

Sunday evening DD decided to cause undue angst and I did not make it to bed before 0130 with a 440 wake up for a 1000 meeting at a partner site, with the storm and traffic it took 5 hours to drive.

Turned down one offer (company called Xxx - does IPTV for rural telcos - base pay was embarrassing for the amount of work required and commission does not in and of itself motivate me) have an attractive one on the table from XXX in Hotlanta (they don't want me to move but I would be traveling some) and current contract has gone into panic mode and now wants to make an offer - this is after downsizing me while on vacation last Sept and calling me back for 'consulting' a month later

Tuesday was ever so much fun, starting with a 0630 flight to sandy egos that airport insecurity made sure I missed (even though I had my boarding pass and got to the security check in line almost an hour before departure, I got singled out of one of those closer searches and missed scheduled flight down - they had all sorts of fun looking through my bag - almost as much as I had putting everything back in) to weather delays on the return (which was one those good things as I actually make the flight I booked even though I didn't make it to the gate before scheduled departure). Made it back to sillydotcom valley at the time the last flight should have landed

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