04 September, 2010

back to posting

after a long hiatus, mostly due to work demands I'm attempting to resume more regular posting.

the past 18 months have been a blur for both a political and personal reasons - added to long hours on a keyboard - without internet access is not conducive to then picking it up during the little down time.

This past year I've been in France, way too much time in LALA land and recent ongoing work at various locals 'south of the border' as well as road trips - flying commercial is such a joy these days, if its within 700 miles and I have to carry my usual kit it has become much less stressful to drive - and please for your own sake don't get me started about late, canceled, and/or overbooked flights, recently checked in to a flight from BDL back to SMF on a Thursday afternoon - I made it home Saturday - and I'm platinum on that carrier

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  1. Anonymous17:04

    France can be nice. I guess it depends on where you were, how grueling hot it was, and how good the beer was in that town, n'est–ce pas?