16 July, 2008

Touching history

Long time between posts, real life does intrude!

In the past two months I’ve spent time in the Temple Complex (as close as they let us infidels get) and had lunch in Brigham Young’s house that he built for his affectingly termed ‘heffers’ er, that would be in today’s PC world “alternative polygamous fundamental LDS life style” er, his many wives. Good lunch, no ice tea or coffee though…

As a self identified “Rational Anarchist” I really don’t give a whit how consenting adults chose to live, but I would like some consistency in descriptions and reporting - and for the sake of many I won’t delve into the just the first order logical contradictions at this time and move along, I will note the place is “squeaky” clean – even the underground garage was ultra clean, and no I didn’t’ notice all the suits with clear curly tubes in their ears, no, not at all

Then spent some time at JSC and by pure accident managed to log about 30 seconds in the old Apollo/Skylab mission control Flight Director’s seat - ultra old techno geek high!

Just returned from a week in Brest France – nice place, only a few buildings older than 50 years or so beyond the old fortress or lighthouses – and of course the infamous U-Boat pens prominently featured in the great film “Das Boot” along with random pill boxes and other fortifications that are only “around the corner”

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