29 February, 2008

Neglecting my blog

Once again its been busy time for whatever it is that I do for a living, since the calendar flip I’ve been to France for a few days, two trips to Indiana, landing at Newark and dealing with the NJ Turnpike at 1am the day of the worst snow to date, dodging rampaging 18 wheelers and attempting to avoid crossing the GWB (twice) arriving at the hotel before 3am and no one at the reception desk, so I popped a Bigfoot and made myself comfortable, for some reason the clean up crew objected a while later and managed to wake up the desk clerk who checked me in for a nice 3 hour nap. This week started with a trip to Long Island for a few days then down to Miami during the black out for a day, bringing the cold down from NY, throw in several day and over night trips within CA and its been a busy two months.

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