23 January, 2007

Rare political comment

re: Pres. Shrub SOTU address

Well woop di do… what a waste of air time (apologies for the ellipses but they are required at this time) so which People Mag person did he miss?

Have to cringe though, Today’s mail had a “Special Notice for…

It’s the 2007 Grassroots survey of Democratic Leaders (I’m not, but Rational Anarchist is not – and most likely will never be – a recognized political party and, if it ever is, I’ll have to invent something new) with all sorts of tracking numbers and tabulation codes – so what do the Democrats see as the top ten most important issues?

How about ‘Homeland’ security?

Nope, not on the list

Border security? – stop SPP?

Unum, sorry no.

Illegal Immigration?


War on “Terror”?

War? What war?

(in their order)

Improving Public Education (start by abolishing the department of Education and reinstate the McGuffey Reader with Saxon Math)

Protecting the Environment (with rare exception every indicator in the united states has improved in the last 20 years but some of the recent pronouncements and AGW stuff is way over the top)

Iraq War (why are we still there?)

Economic/tax policy (Democrats? Right, so find out who the favored are and see if you can emulate otherwise, bend over, here it comes)

Reproductive Freedom (a viable fetus should be considered a person, a woman’s body is her own, as a male I can only be the shoulder cried upon but laws either way only affect the innocent)

Social Security reform (like any non term limited politico is going to touch that one until forced to by younger folks being bled dry if not countered by old folks who can still raise Cain)

Ethics in Government (rrriiigghhtt….)

Health care affordability (and the UK, Canada and Oregon are the best examples? Sorry, no sale)

National Energy policy (sorely needed - but not ADM subsidies for Ethanol)

Stem cell research (research is fundamental)

And the obligatory ‘other’

I just call them as I see them – but yah, I’m out there.

as far as I’m concerned anyone who voluntarily runs for public office should be automatically disqualified

Guy Fawkes was not necessarily a bad dude


  1. moiasusual22:00

    please just take a deep breath and say I surrender to the universe.

    You are taking on too much shiite

  2. deep breath,


    - what am I missing?

    not surrendering any time soon