16 August, 2006

Airport insecurity

I’m on my way back from a brief trip to Mexico (left Monday at 3:30am, should get home about 1am Wed) for a demo as I write this – both jr Edge and Mrs Edge were still up watching horror movies when I left.

Airport insecurity these days is, um ‘interesting’ is a polite way of expressing it, I got to SFO 2½ hours before my flight out Monday, cleared security in 10 min. (leaving me sitting in the terminal for two hours) coming back yesterday, I went through a open bag check in Monterrey Mexico as well as a full wanding and pat down, then in ‘shrub’ (George Bush International Airport) not only the usual immigrations and customs procedure but two additional security checks and bag scans, after several days of announcements that no liquids are allowed on board the gal in the seat across the isle has a full Wendy’s meal including a full soda! – when pointed out to the flight attendant, his only comment was “…they don’t look Islamic”

1 comment:

  1. Gaaah!

    I'm getting so fed up with all of this garbage! The terrorists are such a fluid and gelatinous crowd that our government can do anything they want to us and we trot along like docile little sheeple, nodding our bobble-heads and thinking, "Well, I'm glad the government is on top of all this!"

    Next thing you know, we'll need a passport to leave town! Especially if we happen to look Middle Eastern!