18 April, 2006

100th anniversary of the Great Quake in 1906

lets face it folks – if you live in California (actually, the entire west coast) as I’ve noted prior, you live on or near a known, suspected or unknown fault – deal with it!

The 1989 Loma Preita quake was one of those ‘life path altering experiences’ for me. Aside from missing the only air date in my professional career it also clearly marked my shift out of production and back into pure engineering as the quake managed to destroy my facility. For the next two years we were the ‘techno homeless’ as we designed and built a really very nice facility – as well as several iterations of temporary facilities in the interim. – lots more to that story

Short entry for now, at the present I’m in Denver, then back to Mendoland, to Palm Springs, back to mendo and then the haj to lost wages for NAB

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